"Carl's got the touch, both in his hands, and his clever applications. His every sculpture suggests the source material has actually sprung to life. His work is inspiring...and - oh yeah; he's fast too."


Bowen Designs

"Carl has provided many years of consistent excellence."


Director of Character Art, Walt Disney Consumer Products (retired)

"Many thanks...for the spectacular job you did with the gargoyles. They are everything I ever dreamed they'd be, Carl. And more, much more. Ray Bradbury and Arthur Knight and a few others were over just after Halloween, and Ray was so knocked out by your work that he wanted to move in here with [excerpted] and me. He thought they were Brilliant."



"Carl's combination of artistry, precision and technical mastery impressed me from the start.  Over the years, he's proven his versatility on projects too numerous to count, including human portraits, dolls, animals, cartoon characters and cottages.  Carl's faces are expressive and refined, his body language is dramatic and alive, his proportion is perfect and his detail is incredible.  Our smallest sports figurines originally had crude 1 cm sticks for fingers.  Then Carl got involved, and suddenly we had perfectly articulated fingers with realistic knuckles and defined nails.  Higher standards like these not only improve sales, but inspire our other artists to produce better work."


Vice-president, Danbury Mint

"Carl is one of the best sculptors in the market today. He is a master craftsman, who knows how to bring your concepts to life, and add the extra special touches that make you say WOW."


Senior Product Manager, The Bradford Exchange













































































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